Nostalgia Burns Sweet.


Autumn drips outside, a sweetly damp rain graces the grass as the darkness of twilight settles in. I turn on a song I haven’t heard in awhile, years perhaps.

It feels like a throwback to the innocence & confusion of my youth.

But it doesn’t hit me in a tone of sadness.

it is boundless, soaring, light, growing.

it is me, then, meeting me, now.

Time snaps and I dance in the center of myself.

Twirling joyously.

Even amidst the pain, the terror, the uncertainty—they are waves that lap at my feet, but never pull me under completely.

I stand & frolic in each sea spray of salt.

Ever coming more alive






I dip my feet and claw in the sand granules of the past—they stick to my skin

And they are ever cleared by my vivacious stance in the waves, and knowing, yes—how important it is—

To keep dancing fast, then slow

To feel sensations melt and fuse in my body & fizz, like champagne.


I am here. So here.

It is gentle, terrific & sweet.

Goosebumps on sun-kissed skin.

The splendor of the adventure stretches out before me, a silken & bumpy terrain.

And I do what I always did—

Keep going.

But now, I have enough sense to rest, to pause, to soak it all in.

I know that this is so often where the richness, the treasures live.

The song fades out…

And my thoughts become an echo, staying in my body, reverberating

Rising & falling

Rising & falling

Just like my breath.

Photo: Unsplash