An Adventure of Awakening between Two Hearts. {story}

An Adventure of Awakening between Two Hearts. {story}

He led me out to the wild mouth of the river, where the rapids foamed like rabid dogs.

The current was strong, and the sky was the palest shade of twilight blue. 

He led me, as we leapt across smooth rocks, muddy spots, and schools of fast-moving fish.  

We dipped our feet in the river, then dunked in our whole bodies, coating our skin with drops of water that stuck to us like sprinkles.

We climbed and crawled, laughing like children as the sunset made its final mango-colored display of royal beauty. Our voices echoed off the side of the mountain in the sweetest way. 

Is this what life's about? we wondered, joyously… Being alive.  Being just reckless enough to be present. 

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