Welcome Home, Beloved.

There are places within us that utterly glow with magic. Sweet, untouched radiance. 

Beneath the layers of pain, shame, and all the ways the world tells us not to be ourselves

There are vast and unharmed meadows 

Filled with bright wildflowers, dripping honeysuckle, busy bees, and the pure gloriousness we are made of.  

What is it to see ourselves as the beloved?

Our own lover. 

To look at ourselves with the caring eyes

Of a delicious, honoring intimacy.

To peer into these incredible places inside us

That are never, ever lost.

No matter the shit we’ve been through. That shit can be wonderful manure for lemon-yellow wildflowers as they drink in sunlight and grow healthy and wild.

There is so much beauty pulsing within us, yes, even in the broken bits and fear and pain.

We can slow down and see this beauty glisten in its fullness.

We can lean in and adore ourselves—

The temple in our heart. The salty seas in our belly. The fiery courage in our arms. The liquid gold within our legs. The mysteries in our eyes. Even the glowing, neon chaos of our mistakes.

We can touch our bodies with sensual softness and care

And be supremely patient with our wounds. 

There is much tenderness to be found in the realms of our inner beloved 

The walls drip with nectar.

It’s the pleasure we don’t need to wait to receive 

We can give it to ourselves anytime.

And no, it’s not selfish, like we’ve been told. It is life-giving. Soul-refreshing. Necessary. Nourishing as heck.

Magic sings in our veins. Pain is not who we are.

Radiance envelops us with soft fingertips, even in the darkest moments 

Leading us always 

To the innate streams that flow with

Strength, love, joy, and deep, roaring wisdom 

Inside us.  

It never left.

And nothing—and I mean nothing—

Can take that away. 

Lean in to the sacred dance of loving yourself.

Falling head over heels for your own heart, day by day

Knowing your intricacies and complexities

The way your body curves, moans, moves, and sways

Oh, what treasures await you there.

Behold them graciously. 

Welcome home, beloved.

Be draped in the jeweled majesty




Photo: Unsplash