be human.

Spirituality is weird sometimes. 

I don’t actually think the goal is to walk around, being blissed out all the time. 

To promote our spirituality like it’s a commodity—look at how evolved I am! 

To become more distant from life, from the heartbeat of other people. 

To escape reality. 

Nope. That doesn’t feel right to me. 

I’m falling more & more in love with our humanity.

Our aching hearts, struggles, tears, hopes, dreams, rawness, conflict, and uproarious laughter.

Our trembling humanity. 

So maybe the goal is to be passionate and kind. To know ourselves deeply, to feel the joy and the fear, and to help others whenever we can.

Being human is its own winding story.

We are wounded, imperfect and resilient.

We are torn open, heartbroken at times, confused, but always learning. Ever growing and bursting through the soil of the past.

I love that. 

We don’t need to become a sparkly spiritual smokescreen. 

We can simply be ourselves.

We can be human. Close to our hearts and to the heart of the world. 

What a gift it is.

May that trembling heartbeat carry us through our days

Inspiring us to love ourselves 

And to love other people.