Go Forth & Be Bold in Your Softness.


Go forth and be bold in your softness!

Maybe it sounds dorky, but recently, that seems to be what I tell myself each day.  

After many years of trying so hard to be something—loud or wild or this or that. Sequined and fancy and perfect and important.

Now--I like the feeling of settling gently into who I am.

And sometimes it is awkward. And messy. And not at all shiny.

But I like that I know

How powerful it is to feel deeply

And how sweet it is to be human

To land in the petals

Of my softness

After all this time—

They are still there, waiting.

And now, I get to embody them.

In every weird, delicious, tender, passionate, vulnerable, silly way.

There is so much room to be who we are.

But we must be courageous.

It is up to us and clear and cultivate the spark of that space.   

So I say—

Go forth and be bold in your softness!

Keep knowing and feeling and connecting and being

Keep tasting the deepest truth of who you are.


Photo: Unsplash