Feel. Be a Beautiful Human Being.

It's enough/just to be/real. Shatter the glass wall/of all expectations. Free fall//into the arms/ of your Self. /Speak./Show up raw/Be bold/in this way. ~SLH

It's enough/just to be/real. Shatter the glass wall/of all expectations. Free fall//into the arms/ of your Self. /Speak./Show up raw/Be bold/in this way. ~SLH

Why are we so pretty, so self-contained, so elegant?

Why do we have to be so put together, so polished, saying all the right things in the right moments to craft a conversation? 

Why are we constantly told to put pink put sparkles on our pain? 

Sometimes, I just want to rip that to bits.

I want to relinquish every ounce of control and insecurity and falseness, upheld only to look impressive to the suffocating chariots of society.

How free can I be?

How much can I feel?

Those are the questions that dance in my mind, to the constant tango of my fiery heart. 

I just want to explode from the cherry depths of my soul



And feel.

And feel the infinite galaxies of truth that trickle inside me in the most unexpected moments. 

And not hold back a single ounce---

Not even at all

And let the waves crash and break on the surface of my skin, covering me in salt and electricity. 

And let the tears trickle down my body like a stream

Passing through the boulders of my bones

The way that water always finds a way through anywhere.

I want to flow

Like that

A crashing sea

A calm, muddy pond

A thunderous waterfall that slams onto rocks below from fifty feet

I want to feel.

To feel.

To feel.

I want to f*cking explode

And let all this pressure go from the inside

All the expectations and templates for what I should do; how I should behave. 

Do you see the steam rising from my ears as I frantically type these words?

As I shake

And howl

And do things deemed “unacceptable” by the power-hungry kings of society. 

If only they knew how powerful we were...

For there is an infinite flux of energy beneath

Our tiredness.

Our exhausted resignation. 

Our boredness.

Our cold, numbed apathy.

It’s the power contained in the feelings we don’t want to feel; we don’t know how to feel; we don’t know if we can feel---












Because as we stand there,

And let the waves of emotional intensity rip through us

We see how much we can really face; how much we can really feel.

Because we won’t crumble or die

We might tremble, yell, sweat, and shed our skin

Parts of us may come to pass away

But we will stand tall

And still

And breathe into it 

And let it happen

And we will think, "Hell, I didn’t know I was that strong. That solid..." 

But we always have been.

It’s the fear of feeling that keeps us stagnant and blah and stuck

Jump in


Dive in


Cascade through the liquid memories that lurk and shimmy in your consciousness.

Pulse with them, like an ameba 

Slither through the depths of insurmountable darkness like a snake

Cry those tears that carved empty walls on the inside 

In this way

Be a shaman for yourself

And be a lighthouse beacon

So that parts of your formerly shattered


May find their way back home to you.

We are meant to be so much more alive

So much more vibrant

So much more colorful

Than the hum drum boring lies we have settled for

We feel it, a clanging desperation in our bones---

An ancient hunger, an antiquated thirst. 

So go in


Open up

And be free.

Let all of that energy return to you---

Feel it coat your skin in goosebumps

It’s the pure, hot soul of electricity

Don’t second-guess it.

Don't even explain it or label it. 

Just let it soak into you.

Allow this.

Delight in it.

In all the hidden, masked aspects of who you are.

The ones that sing with darkness

The ones that beat to the drums of only truth.

They all just want to be heard. 

For this

What seems so chaotic and challenging

It is



And waking up

It’s remembering what it is


Have hearts that feel, that experience, that love deeply, that scream, and shout and cry and moan.

There is infinite energy that pulses inside of you.

Don’t settle for chronic boredom. Numbness. Or apathy.

You are the medicine.

The lantern, the way through lives inside you. It always has. 

Open that pandora’s box in your chest

Be seduced into the palms of healing

Face it all

Become human

Be humbled

Taste your heart.

Let your tears be maps that show the way.

Fall to your knees and stop knowing all the answers. 









Our return to humanness is the magic. 



Photo: Flickr