A touch isn't just a touch. {poem}

A touch isn't just a touch

It's a kiss from my soul, onto your skin.

It's the sensation of your soul, whispering to my fingertips

There is no hurry

There is you

And me

And the way we breathe together in golden alchemy

Timelessness expands out

We bloom for ourselves

And for each other

Ruby red hibiscus flowers in the sweet heat of summer

The sky rains petals and drips a sunset of magenta creamsicle passion. 

In moments like this, the world does not exist

All the frantic doing and spinning wheels of busy fade away

There is only the music we make together.

The shouts of raw ecstasy when we can't help cry out

The humming hymnals of our hearts

The symphony of fireflies blinking in harmony

The naked prayers we make with our bodies,

Our bodies,

Our bodies,

The home of our hearts.

The anchors of our spirit.

The gateways to magic and wildness and truth. 

And oh, the way your tongue darts delightfully into my mouth.

I dare you to go deeper

Feel more

Be more naked

Be more vulnerable

Expose every part of who you are

And I’ll do the same— 

Dive in to experience the mystery I am.

Taste my sweet waters

Land on my shores and swim in the currents of my dark, hidden rivers.

I am open to you, my love

Because you take the time to open me.

I take the time to open you too

With every touch, every word, every glance of my eyes

We are so here,

In this moment

Going on this adventure


Our kisses are keys

Our secrets spill out

The mystery only grows deeper.

As we shine more light on ourselves

On every fractured, whole, beautiful and shaky part

With every breath, every word, every kiss

For love making

Is about making more love

More art. More richness. More vividness. More heart. More truth. More bravery. 

More poetry. More prayer. More bliss. More presence. More ecstasy.

It is the spark of inspiration that shoots into us like lightning

It is when the masks drops, the veils fade

Nakedness permeates

Like smoke

That rises to the heavens

It is our souls

Dancing madly

To the tango beats of our hearts




Thank you.

I love you.

Satisfaction comes at a thousand clips a minute

Tears too

When we take our time


Slow down

And feel everything



Every fleeting sensation and rising pleasure and fear and joy and longing

When we wake up to remembering that sex is not sex

It is sacred

It is madness and wildness and perfection

It is beauty

It is the way my soul sings

With your soul

And what a beautiful song it is

The way it echoes across the mountainside

The way it soars with the falcons

Those melodious wingbeats make us both purr and moan in sheer reverence

Of each other. 

And we climb higher together. 

A touch isn't just a touch

It's the way my soul sings with your soul. 

It constantly crescendos and changes

It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. 

I could listen to it forever.



Photo: Flickr