Everything is Changing.

Everything is changing. 

My eyes blink, soaking in darkness for a split second--and when I open them again, everything is brighter. 

Sunlight streams into my life like gold metallic.  I feel highlighted by an invisible marker. 

Everything is changing. 

Change spills through my veins, barreling fiercely now--and my lips crack upwards in a huge smile, teeth shining out. 

Everything is changing. There is no thing to hold onto. 

I plunge into weightlessness, tears ebbing down my cheeks--as I free-fall at a thousand miles an hour. Light, space, and motion surround me, whispering like a mad breeze in my ear, dancing like pearls in my hair. 

I tumble in a kaleidoscope-like wave of everything I've ever felt--layers peeled, pained processed, wounds allowed to taste the light of day. Joy. Betrayal. Heartache. It flashes through my vision like a movie shown at warp speed. 

I inhale the cosmos and exhale the heaviness of the past. 

I land on the moon. It feels like hope beneath my feet. It glows subtly pink, stained by the brilliant scent of freshly cut hydrangeas. 

Everything is changing. 

I let that current, that electric pulse of energy guide me now. 

And I trust it completely. 

Fear is sucked out of my body with a straw. 

New spaciousness.  Only joy remains. Excitement. The incandescent glow of my light. My own passion purifies me now. 

I am here. 

I am strong. 

I am okay. 

I am weightless, bounding through space a thousand miles an hour--yet, grounded at the same time. 

I fly--exploring the vastness of the solar system. 

I go where the breeze tells me to. 

Breathless, I slip deeper in love with the stars---with all the glittering possibilities available to me now. 

I can't go back. I can't go back to how it was. There is no way to return to how it used to be. 

There is only now. And the flutter in my heart tells me this is a good thing. 

Now and that flutter in my heart---lead me forward. 

I land at the altar of my Self. 

My soul springs to life--a sunflower. She's so eager. Like she's been buried for centuries...Like I've been underground tasting the lessons of dirt, of which there were many.

Now--the sun beckons me. Light beckons me. Beauty beckons me. 

I feel an effervescence prickling my skin, like a glass of freshly poured champagne. 

I drink it in. I drink this in. Signaling an invisible cheers between me and my Self, I think of all the tears it took to get here. 

All the sorrows. 

All the darkness. 

All the things that didn't work out. 

It was all leading somewhere, and I know that now. 

It all softens and pulls away like a veil---I cry fiercely, happily. 

I am ready to love, and all that means...

I am ready to be my Self. 

And then...silence. 

There is just silence. 

And the blooming of these words from deep inside me. The fruits from seeds I planted so many moons ago. 

It's so long-awaited. 

I sit, breathless--and take it all in. 

Eyes closed, birds chirping around me. 

The whole forest inside me comes to life, a lush rainforest now. 

I am ready to love. 

I am ready to be my Self. 

The preciousness of this leads the way now. 

For I am enveloped by silence, as the sun wraps around me, like arms of gold, threaded on wings of fire-tinged possibility. 



Photo: Pexels