Transmute, Transcend & Make Beautiful Art from the Depths of your Pain.




You have all the raw materials. 

Set yourself on fire

Breathe out like a dragon--

Begin again, again, again.

Recycle that pain, it's energy.

Make it into

Art. Life. Love. Smoldering hot truth. 

This is your purpose. 

Don't turn away---it's burned into your soul, inked a tattoo. 

You can't turn away. 

So turn inside instead. 

Transmute. Transcend. 

Everything that hurts

Everything that makes you cry & doubt & scream

Is just a spark

For you to make

Something new, raw, beautiful. 

So do it---

Pour all of yourself into this moment. 

Go all the way in---

Make messy, vibrant art from the depths of your pain. 

Drip your deepest suffering into a canvas, a poem, a dance. 

Catch your raining tears and draw with them, a fantastical cerulean sea.

Let your fears become a tantalizing tornado of words; a story. 

Don't hold back. 

It's what you were always meant to do. 

Don't let this gorgeous energy go to waste. 

Dig deep

Feel the hurt, the joy, the agony

Maybe it's all ecstasy

Breathe out and create, create, create! 

You are an alchemist. 

Ignite every shimmering ember in your soul

Invite your Self

To rise

To roar beautifully

And to be heard. 

Because maybe the pain you feel

Is just the long-forgotten key

To creating your masterpiece. 

Go all the way in. 

Leave nothing out. 

This is freedom. 

Don't hold back at all.