i am unmasked.

I lay in a puddle of tears

wishing someone would come

and stitch me up

and put me back together

and make me all better

but no one comes. 

because no one can do that---

not even me.

the essence of being in truth

of standing in power

is being unwrapped, messy, utterly raw

and unapologetically tear-stained, emotional as hell and naked. 

so tears fall and

i catch them in my mouth

salty, sweet and bitter

nd it hurts so much, it hurts too much---

i wish someone would come

and stitch up all of my sore, aching bits. 

but no one comes.

this is the gift. 

this is my most profound healing. 

it is the quietest, boldest empowerment. 

i am


ripped open

crying to the sunset. 

i am





photo: https://flic.kr/p/tttWz2