i'm hungry for you (poem)

i need you to fill me up

in every way

in the dirtiest, grittiest way

in the sweetest, soft way

i need your essence to drizzle me with your secret power and dance with the locked box of mine

i need to grip your skin with my fingertips 

and bite your lips

and look into your eyes like the roarin' lioness i am 

shock you with my gentleness 

and make you mine again. 

i'm hungry for you

your heart, your soul, your exact energy

i'm hungry

my heart

needs to 



not politely,


i need to crash into you

and let our cells collide

pulsating bodies only knowing how to dance together

i need to crash into you like a comet 

and travel into nectar planes of existence

as you grab my face and kiss me absolutely everywhere. 

i'm hungry, darlin'

and only you can satisfy my appetite, my soul's thirst

only you can quench this electric desire that courses through me

i'm hungry for you

i need to reach out

with unrestrained fierceness

and lick

everything you are. 

and fan the epic flames of

everything you want to be. 




photo: pixabay