my heart blooms for you (poem)


my heart opens

petal by petal

a rose

only because you see her. 

my heart blooms

from the fleshy emerald stem

from years of hiding her gentle radiance 

my heart blooms for you

only for you.

because you take the time to breathe with me, be with me, 

you take the precious pitter-patter heartbeats to know me,

my heart knows you

my heart knows yours

our hearts kiss like long-lost lovers in the fog and mist 

of the ocean-waving days

my heart blooms

for you, 


because you see her, because you take the time to see me. 

my soul is naked and trembling in the palms of your hands

my heart blooms 

for you, 

only for you. 


come here

kiss me like you mean it

kiss me, a thousand kisses contained in the electric envelope seal of our lips

kiss me


bloom with me. 


photo: pexels