wilder with you. (poem)

i always thought


love wasn't freedom, 

that love was the cage

that it would squelch me and smash my wings and pull me down from the jeweled sapphire sky and get in my way

i thought relationships were obstacles, like bricks, that needed to be violently obliterated


love was never in my way, i was.

other people were never in my way, i was.  

because i see now, i smell it, i taste it---there is nothing freer in the word

than loving

just as fiercely and deeply and technicolor passionately

as my soul

tells me to,

there is nothing as freeing

as being wild

with you,

wilder with you on evergreen mountaintops and driving through gritty city streets

wilder with you

yes, i'm wilder with you

freer with you, my love

my wings span for days when i'm next to you

and we soar together

like the feather falcon souls we really are. 

because love is that soaring

it is not a cage or constriction

love, real, gorgeous, true love---

is the ultimate freedom. 

and i love being wild


with you,

my love. 


photo: flickr