bottle your kisses. (poem)

i wish i could bottle your kisses

and set them on the ledge by my sink

like saltwater

like sea-spray

and mist myself with your glorious essence

whenever i get tired and parched. 

you can be the wave of joy that crashes over me

you can be the smell of coconut and sunshine and beads of sweat on my forehead

you can be that feeling of surrendered peace after a day of praying to the beach. 

you are. 

when i see you, touch you, taste you

my entire being lights up like a solar flare

my tight knots and sad parts exhale

you soothe me like the most exquisite aloe vera 

i can't even hide my feelings

so i won't try

i fucking love you

i want to bottle your kisses

so your glorious essence can be 

near me

at all times. 



photo: flickr