i love you doesn't even begin to describe it (poem)

i lay in your arms 

and there is no such thing

as worry

or busy

or the frantic pace of chopped-up anxiety. 

i lay wrapped up, ensconced entirely,


in your summer kiss embrace

sun streams landing on my cheeks and your cheeks 

and all stress evaporates

breathing in time to your heartbeat

as my heart fuses with yours

skin closer than close

fingers woven proudly together 

i love you

seems too hollow and banal 

no words

conscious breaths


as you kiss me

suddenly my lips only know how to meet yours 

only yours

only you and me, 

pulling me closer than close

and you say 

thank you

and i say 

thank you

and that still doesn't quite capture the magic that

exists between us

my cells breathe with yours

exhaling to epic journeys

that wake 

us the



i'm here


you're here. 

and that's all i ever needed, 

it's all you ever needed. 

and somehow, there is the gentlest whisper of bold knowing

that we were always there


each other. 


photo: flickr