An Adventure of Awakening between Two Hearts. {story}

He led me out to the wild mouth of the river, where the rapids foamed like rabid dogs.

The current was strong, and the sky was the palest shade of twilight blue. 

He led me, as we leapt across smooth rocks, muddy spots, and schools of fast-moving fish.  

We dipped our feet in the river, then dunked in our whole bodies, coating our skin with drops of water that stuck to us like sprinkles.

We climbed and crawled, laughing like children as the sunset made its final mango-colored display of royal beauty. Our giggles echoed off the side of the rugged evergreen-laced side of the mountain. 

Is this what life's about? we wondered, joyously…

Being alive.  Leaving our bullsh*t behind. Being just reckless enough to be present. 

Is this what life's about, we wondered, joyously... 

It was wonderful to wonder. And so we wondered and wandered and ended up in the middle of the river, tangled deliciously in each other’s arms.

A kiss announced itself in the air like the most seductive orchid perfume.

We obeyed. 

We kissed madly, weaving our bodies together like sacred embroidery.

The crickets chirped, the frogs moaned, the river gurgled and we kissed. Nothing could have stopped our lips from locking.

Nothing could have broken the spell of that kiss—

There was something irreversibly epic about it. The palpable, yet mysterious sense that maybe, we would never be the same again. At least, that's what the goosebumps on my stomach told me. 

In locking our mouths wildly together, like dragonflies that have been searching for one another for eternity, we unlocked another mysterious creature—

Our hearts.

Our naked, raw, trembling, joyous hearts. 

Our wings. 

And we let go.

We let go, together.

We let go of all the obstacles we pretend hold us back. 

We let go of all the fears we blame everything on. 

We didn't force anything, we just allowed the grains of the things that no longer serve us to slip away, down the side of the riverbank. 

And we were present---alive, as though there would only ever be this moment. 

And we understood life in a new way. We were understood by life, in a new way. 

We lay down on a rock so smooth it could have been a bed, watching the velvety cloak of darkness etch itself into the horizon with the subtlest shading. 

We melted into one another---and yet, we also became distinctly more ourselves.

We smiled, a thousand smiles pinging from the corners of our lips, tender and overly ripe, from kissing so fiercely. 

A star came out. Then, a firefly.  Then, a whole symphony of fireflies appeared—twinkling in time to an ancient unknown rhythm that made sense only to the trees.  And though that mysterious rhythm made no fucking sense to our minds---it made complete sense to our hearts.

Because logic had nothing to do with it at all.

Thank god. 

Maybe spirit was the conductor in the carved-out ampitheatre of the mountains. Maybe spirit orchestrated this whole adventure. Me meeting you. You meeting me. 

What are the odds, that we'd even find each other? 

But the answers to these questions didn't even vaguely matter, because we were wide open to being, rather than distracted and distanced, needing desperately to figure it out. There was no figuring. There was only tasting the moments with every ounce of our souls. 

With our hands woven together, tighter than ever, tied at the fingers with the bow of our deepest longings our most powerful desires---we walked back.

We walked back to his house, under the pale glow of moonlight, alive, astounded and awake.

We slogged through the river in the near pitch darkness, splashing, laughing, nearly falling over sometimes.

And it meant the world to journey with such lightness in our hearts...

Because underneath all of our frantic searching and fear and agony and suffering and dedicated looking—this sublime lightness is what we’ve been after all along.

We found it... Or did it find us?

This sublime lightness is what we were after all along, though we had forgotten it ages ago. 

He led me to the mouth of the river.

And I led him to the edge of purple wildflower beauty

And we led each other

To heart. 

To the gentlest freedom

That felt like the juiciest awakening of a lifetime.


photo: pixabay