Your vulnerability is f*cking gorgeous.

stop it. stop hiding that fragile part of you

the part you think no one could ever love

oh my dear, 

that is your most lovable part of all.

pull up the sheets, pull open the tattered seams

let your mask fall away and dissolve into stale thin air 

let your naked heart ooze out

like a fresh ruby sea.

there is no point

to live

and invest so many hours in hiding who we really are

cleverly concealed

silently suppressed---

that's just dying a slow-motion death

freezing our fiery souls to wither and decay

into vapid, yet subtle tones of winter-like misery. 

f*ck that. 

do the braver thing...

step into the epic bloomin' springtime of your soul. 

be ignited. be vivified. be weird as hell. be excited. be sad. be brilliantly YOU. 

dance in the totality of every fractured part of your soul--- 

step into the full vibrance of who you truly are

your vulnerability is f*cking gorgeous

don't hide it


do the braver thing, 

don't hide, at all---

take the risk

take the plunge

to be you

all of you

every godddamn gorgeous


be yourself

and see how life

embraces you



so utterly



photo: flickr