all i want is to daydream and write poetry.

when life feels too harsh, too frantic busy, busy busy

all i want is to

spread my wings 

under a black walnut tree

and catch ideas like gossamer kites

and write soul-soaked lines

of silver-lining poetry 

and let love infuse me

let it soak into me

as i exhale

and inhale 

into the spirited conscious spaciouness

of who i really am

and smile

and cry

and let the summer winds bless me

to just 



it's not so complicated. 

it never was. 

and on some days, where life feels too hectic

when the pulse of the world is too chaotic and busy, busy, busy 

i go outside 

i spread my wings under a black walnut tree

and daydream

which isn't a waste of time

but the way home






photo: flickr