Reclaiming Sexy as Divinity.

I am no longer ashamed of the supple curves of my hips, the way my booty jiggles when I sway down sun-soaked sidewalks in my long silk skirts. 

I am no longer ashamed of my vibrant lusciousness as a woman. 

I refuse to pretend that I don’t absolutely love sex. 

I refuse to pretend that I’m silent, quiet, squeamish and aloof. 

I am a gritty, raw, loud, gentle and wildly passionate woman. 

I am longer ashamed at how good it feels to put on cherry red lipstick and dresses that hug me in all the right places. 

I am no longer ashamed of the electric, sensual Shakti energy that courses through me like lightning---the rapturous, creative energy that is rightfully mine as a woman. 

I am no longer ashamed to stomp my foot down, make the seas moan with my words, and roar my truths like the earthy lioness I really am. 

I revel in it. 

I now claim my sensuality and desire, as power. 

And right now, I deeply bow down to any sister 

Who is swaying down the street 

Smiling like she means it 

Confident as hell

Rooted in the sacredness of her bodacious body

Or learning to be. 

Let's stop being ashamed of our sexiness. Our hunger. Our desire. Our passion. Our loudness. Our appetites. It's all divine. It's like every flower blooming in the glorious height of Springtime. 

There is nothing degrading or disempowering about any of it. 

Claim it. All of it. 

Let’s reclaim sexy, together. 

It is ours. Irrevocably ours. 

Hold it close and kiss it hard. 

It’s not dangerous. 

It's beautiful, sensual, earthy, grounding and goddamn powerful beyond belief. 

Let’s reclaim sexy 

As the jeweled palace within us 

That is deliciously connected to divine power. 



photo: pixabay.