f*ck "too sensitive:" sensitivity is where passion, art & beauty come from.

"You're too sensitive," they told me. 

"I'm too sensitive," I repeated back like a compliant parrot of a confused girl. 

I feel "too much." I care "too deeply." 

Oh, but c'mon---there is no such thing. 

My heart is born to ooze like honey

My eyes are made to leak like gushing rivers

I am designed to feel every breeze pour through me. 

I am created to crash to the shakiest depths of despair

And catapult to euphoria, too. 

And I wear my heart on my sleeve

And I smile too much & laugh too loudly. 

And I feel---

Oh, I feel. 

And I will never stop

Vulnerability is not my flaw

It is not my weakness

It is not the worst part about me

It is where my light lives.

And so I sit and cry

I surrender to the afternoon blue sky

I pour my entire being into shaky lines of poetry 

My eyes leak

My heart oozes

Into these words 

That take on a lightning-like life of their own. 

And I couldn't be more naked. 

Here I am. 

Here is my heart. 

And I am a dreamer

And I see things that others do not 

And I am ethereal 

And I am really f*cking sensitive

That's where my passion comes from. 

It's where my ability to love fiercely comes from. 

But I belong in the world, too. 

I will never stop opening my heart

I will never step feeling too much & caring too deeply. 

So, join me, fellow gentle heart

F*ck too sensitive

Sensitivity is where our passion, art & beauty comes from. 

Let's wear it proudly, baby. 


Is where



Kiss your sensitive parts

Let 'em shine like fireflies. 

Let 'em breathe beauty into your life. 


photo: flickr