the stunning power of your authenticity.

I see so many smiles that aren't smiles at all. To be terribly honest, this includes my own, at times. 

These so-called smiles are lame, half-assed attempts to keep tears at bay. They're pearly white dams painstakingly built to keep the hot spitting steam of anger away. 

I see so many smiles that look tortured and exhausted. Smiles that look like pain stretched into faux happiness to look acceptable. 

'Cause oh my goodness---we wouldn't want anyone to know the truth about how we actually feel. That's just far too terrifying. 

Lips curled upward, teeth snarling, chins trembling with fear, rather than delighted. 

We need to be a thousand times more real. All of us. 

So let's stop it. 

Right f*cking now. 

Stop being so appropriate and polite.  Stop smiling when we really want to cry.

Stop saying “yes” when we really mean hell NO.

Rip off the acceptable

The expected

The cute caricature

And be



Find extraordinary power there. 


Be sad when we're sad. Be angry when we're angry. Be joyous when we're joyous. 


Talk about the pain. The anger. The hot, stinging vulnerability. The betrayal. The jealousy. The hopes and dreams and failures and every goddamn thing in-between. 

Why don’t we ever talk about that sh*t?

Stifled. Exhausted. Blocked. Buckled down...

That's our normal state, 

Stuck and stagnant.

No more! 

You're too beautiful for that sh*t. 

Talk about it

Let it out

'Cause we stuff shit down like crazy

And then wonder why

We don't feel okay

Why would we feel okay?

How would feeling okay be a remote f*cking possibility?

Talk about it. Sing about it. Dance about it. Drum about it.

Let it out---

Set yourself free.

Set your emotion free. It's all stored, cramped and tight, like knots of tension in your body. 

Feelings are not meant to be held onto

They are meant to be talked about, expressed, honored

Transmuted into beauty

Exhaled into the breeze 

And intentionally journeyed into. 

Where does the path of your tears lead? 

Where does the road of your rage go? 

There is nothing to be ashamed of; to be afraid of. 

Be dangerously authentic

Be deliciously real

Explore the absolute, raw, unedited truth of who you are. 

Dare to be every drop of you---

And see

With wide eyes

How life 





Authenticity is our secret weapon. 

Let's tap into it. 


photo: Flickr