morning meditation: infusing our days with delicious spaciousness.

It's not hard to start our mornings in a frantic race horse pace.

Our eyes pop open, we jump outta bed, and BAM--gallop madly into our days. Going. Going. Going. 

Until maybe one day, we collapse. 

This is terrible for our souls. Horrible for our hearts. 

Deep down, we know it, too. 

We march into the world, all discombobulated. And then we wonder why we don't feel so good. 

Well, c'mon now--we know why. 

We get more successful and more important, but further away from our truth. 

It's always possible to change the course and take action. 

Let's change it up & begin the day, magnificently, by being present. 

Oh yes, let's be present. Root into our Selves. And shine that delicious energy out into the world like the radiant fucking gorgeous people we are. 

Join me! 



photo: Flickr