Kali's Song: The Destructive Blessing of the Dark Goddess.

"Kali is the most misunderstood of the Hindu goddesses. The Encyclopedia Britannica is grossly mistaken in the following quote, 'Major Hindu goddess whose iconography, cult, and mythology commonly associate her with death, sexuality, violence, and, paradoxically in some of her later historical appearances, motherly love.  It is partly correct to say Kali is a goddess of death but She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality..." ~goddess.ws

she swims to quivering muddy depths that make your knees shake

she leads you to the pain, to the exact spot where it hurts, to the very place you don't want to look 

and she makes you sit there

and look 

and keep looking 

for what seems like a goddamn eternity. 

she turns out the pretty, twinkling bedroom lights

and shows you the wicked, gorgeous mouth of darkness.

she destroys bullsh*t with a sharp tongue, not recklessly,

but she sets fire to limiting old tree trunks so new blossoming beauty can be created

she is not meant to appease you

make you happy

or smooth over your ruffled feathers like sweet whipped cream with honey. 

she's made to reach inside your throbbing heart

make you face yourself 

pull out the poison

kill your pain

and help you

set yourself 




she is dark, she is fierce, but she is beyond beautiful in her shadow form,

ever showing us

that we are


we don't have to be afraid of




Our darkness,

For there is power there, beyond our wildest dreams. 



photo: wikimedia commons