My Love, Let's Write this Chapter Together.

I’ve been writing my story alone for my whole life.

Typing the words, always solitary, my fingers clacking the keys, empty hum-drum sounds filling my ears, ever-afraid for anyone else to insert a word into my story.

I haven't been lonely exactly, but I've been acutely aware that there's so much more to life than my safe little plastic bubble. 

Then you came along. You burst into my life like the most beautiful hurricane, challenging all of my beliefs, deliciously. 

I've never trusted anyone enough to hand them the pen. To let them write a chapter, a sentence, a prose-soaked paragraph.

I had to be in control. I had to wield all the words, I had to call all the shots, I had to plot out the storyline perfectly alone. I wouldn't let myself take the leap of faith to trust anyone, for I know all too well how people say things, they say they’ll be there, but then, they never actually are. I know the taste of disappointment like cheap cologne, pouring through my mouth, sharp and bitter at the same time. I'm tired of tasting disappointment. 

But you're different than any man I've ever met before. You say you'll show up, and you actually show up.

I trust you.

I’m handing you my pen.

Co-write these pages, this chapter with me. I want it to be a story we'll both love. 

Can we write together for the rest of our lives?

Like two vines intertwining and growing happily together, our stories intersect and form a new one. A more luscious one. A blooming peony. A wild sea of ruby-dusted words. A sacred stardust story that speaks of magic and truth and alchemy. 

And my love, I wonder---what epic magic will we make together?

What lusciousness can we braid into the world through our poetry? 

I’m not alone anymore in my joy, in my smiles, in my struggles—

You are here, so achingly present, right beside me. 

You are here for me. And I am here for you. .

I’m not alone anymore.

You are beside me, writing this story together. Co-authoring. Co-creating this reality. Weaving sentences into a fantastic web of words, together. 

I trust you with my life. 

My love, curl up close to me, your heart touching mine, your hands woven through mine like the tenderest branches, your soul nuzzling mine. 

I'm letting you in. 

Let us write this mysterious chapter together. 

Let our kisses bloom into the most fantastic, truth-soaked poetry. 


Photo: Pixabay