i'm all in.


i don't want a cute little superficial, skin-deep love affair with frothy whipped cream and a precious maraschino cherry on top, 

that pretty, shiny sh*t can't satisfy the ancient thirst in my bones for a love that matters more than precious movie dates and expensive dinners

i want you

i want to taste the raw, struggling soul that you are

i want you, 

your darkness, your cracked, faded edges, your insecurity, your pain, your radiant light peeking through

i want it all

give it to me, 

i've been hungry for you my whole life, thirsting to taste every edge and piece of you, even the broken ones. 

i want to bask in each other's light and darkness 


melting into one another,

magnetized beyond words,

beyond lust, beyond love, beyond anything ordinary at all. 

and as we kiss,

as we melt together, like mango sunrises swirling with raspberry sunsets, 

jaw-dropping, mind-blowing conscious astral magic

traveling far into outer space and deep into inner space 

transcending the past, integrating previous chapters,

descending into all the threads that intersect in the here and now 

ascending into the ultraviolet light 

of the sun. 

you & me, 

something new, something raw, something unspoken, something words can't even scratch the surface of. 

i want you, 

all of you

have me, 

all of me. 

let us merge completely,

leaving no stone unturned. 

i'm all in. 

so kiss me with those ripe kisses

let us awaken together

let us transform

and let's conjure some wild, epic magic

of a



Photo: Flickr