The Exquisite Power of Your Darkness.


There was never anything so breathtakingly beautiful as sitting in the hot nest of her decadent darkness. 

 You know those gross, gritty places you’re ashamed of, the ones you go to great lengths to hide from the world? 

They are beaming with secret power.

Tap into it.

Taste it. 

Love it. 

Get ready.  

Because those broken bits and tender areas and sore, weak spots simmer with secret strength, 

Hidden resentments radiate with power  

Blistering heartbreak twinkles with shards of sacred possibility.

In these places, 


Oh yes, juicy jewels beyond your wildest dreams. 

To be found

In the bloody places under our masks,

The scars we’ve put sequins on,

The festering, quivering wounds we’ve fastened sweet bows on

They are all ready, waiting to be tapped into. 

They aren't pretty, no---

Fuck no, they’re not pretty at all. 

But darkness can’t be made pretty, it doesn’t need to be dolled up or made sweeter.

Darkness speaks for itself. It's power. Truth. It is nectarous nourishment. It is bittersweet ambrosia for our soul.

We all have secret pandora’s boxes full of darkness and denial, so let’s

Rip those f*ckers openvery gently.

Oh, so, so gently---


Go there, to the places that scare you the most. 

Because the things that the world says aren’t appropriate—are you secret weapons....

Those squirmy, weird, freaky places that we’ve spent our lives hiding. 

The pain. 

The tears. 

The jealousy.

The insecurity.

The awkwardness.

The woundedness.

The fragility.

Reach inside, look at these tender, slimy demons and hug 'em hard. 

Claim the power of those strange, dark places.

Include them in your life.

Let them inspire you

Empower yourself

By leaving no stone of your own magnificent



Both the light

And the dark. 


Photo: Flickr