she was finally free.

she shook loose 

all the broken pieces of 


she didn't need


she peeled away all the scraps of bullshit that didn't serve her soul. 

and stepped into the 

electric waters of


with fierce curiosity, 

bravery written across her face in an epic smile 

the pain of the past,

shed from her body, her heart, her soul

a scratchy skin, a coarse coating she no longer needed. 

she was finally free

hatching from the cocoon of darkness and safety 

bolting towards love. 

she shook loose

she shook it all loose

the pain

the shame

the nightmares and really fucked up mind games

she shook loose

the dark dust of 

of everything that blocked

her light. 

and stepped proudly

into the electric waters of


with bravery painted on her face in a epic smile

and flames in her heart

with which she would set the world on fucking fire. 





Photo: Shutterstock