This isn't love. It's alchemy.

The unforgettable alchemy of your hot breath on my cheek

As you touch me with gentle ferocity 

Roaring kisses, can't taste you deeply enough 

Perfuming the air with desire, 

Weaving together pieces of soul as our skin tingles in magical harmony 

Breathing you in 

Breathing you out 

Riding the waves of electromagnetic energy that convulse inside us not politely 

Oh no, not politely--


Wildness prevails, soul sings out, heart beats with juicy intensity 

Letting out darkness, letting out light, painting the sky with the depths of our hungry curiosity 

A moment of unfettered divinity 

The quiet ecstasy of your lips 

On my lips 

When we are brave enough 

To drop our masks 

And let ourselves be seen. 

This is no ordinary love

It is the profound heights of passion & truth

Sprinkled with laughter 

Braided together with the deepest longings in our beings 

Sealed with all the fire in the world, like when you look at me. 

Because we are finally brave enough 

To let ourselves 

Be seen. 

This isn't a careful, cute little love affair. 

This is transformation. It's beauty. It's inspiration as we stand cheek to cheek, a tango of naked twisted limbs, dancing with the rising moon, 

Fully aware of what we are getting ourselves into 

This isn't love. It's alchemy.



Photo: Flickr