she should come with a warning: an ode to the divine feminine.


she's not a perfectly polite princess

she's not strung of sugar

or woven of lace. 

take cover---

she's the pouring rain that comes out of nowhere

she's fucking fire. 

she's an electric goddess

an amethyst warrior. 

she'll visit you in nightmares 

the ones that tumble through you like a body-shaking boom of thunder. 

she is the lightning bolt that wakes you the fuck up in a sea of cold sweat

her eyes are swirling storms,

turquoise hurricanes, filled with truth so raw it'd make your knees shake. 

she is not a dream come true. 

she is not here to save you. 

she is your challenge, your question, your truth-soaked manifesto

she's the most dangerous thing in the world: 

a woman who knows the thrilling taste of her own power. 

she will kiss you with all the passion in the world,

look at you with the force of the sea 

and blow your bullshit to bits. 

she will love you like the sun melting into the trees

but hotter than that. 

can you handle her? 

she's a lover and a fighter, 

complicated as the glint in her eyes. 

she should come with a warning, honey

because you

have no idea 

what you're in for. 




photo: Flickr