heart blooms on a shitty day.

today was hard, the pages of each moment pulled me apart

pulled me raw, raw, and rawer still. 

and i cried, i cried til the tears dried up, 

an empty river basin inside me. 

and then i sat still

and i breathed

and i bloomed

in this shitty, shitty day

i unfurled into the sharp edges discomfort 

like rain, 

like water,

like the ocean, 

ebbing and flowing,


emotions pouring through me like waves.

i stayed in the discomfort

and my heart bloomed

a shy flower,

rising up slowly to greet spring. 

my heart bloomed, 

but i didn't become unbreakable,

oh no,

i became softer. 

i became a whisper of love. 



Photo: Flickr