A Simple Moment of Exquisite Quiet.

When the world is loud and complicated and my heart bangs like a wild animal in my ribcage, 

I want the simplest thing in the world---

A small moment of quiet, of breath, of obscure slow-dripping tenderness. 

And so I find that moment,

Or maybe it finds me. 

Quiet lands in my heart like a feather

Wistful, dreamy, soft

I land in my own lap

And wrap myself up

In my own arms.

I'm naked here, twisted in the gossamer sheets of vulnerability.

And yet, in this quiet moment

Soft as the falling snow

I have never felt so



So I stay here, I linger, I dance, I settle. 

The world might be loud when I leave this space, 

But I will bring the quiet out there 

With me

I will carry it in my heart. 



Photo: Pixabay