i will kiss you with my whole heart.

warning: adult. 

dearest lover, 

i am not looking for a vanilla-scented, careful little love affair.

i'm looking for the profound depths of beauty, a love that's hotter than the earth's molten core. 

so take my hand, pull me dangerously close, 

braid moonbeams in my hair

paint rubies on my cheeks, 

but don't touch me gently, don't caress me subtly, don't pamper me

sear into my skin with your fingertips, singe into my soul with your eyes

leave your insecurity at the door

show me your fire

show me your dripping passion 

that wild howl inside you that takes over

and breathes spirit into your body

with a wolf-like roar. 

don't hold back,

come closer

leave your mask at the door

look at me,

look right at me, 

i won't look away, i won't be scared. 

i want to see everything you hide

i want to touch you with the wild hunger of my soul,

i want to kiss you with my whole heart

i want to consume you in my arms

like fire and air, 

an explosion between our cells that lasts an entire lifetime. 

i'm so fucking tired of holding back, 

i am so hungry for you, 

so meet me in the fire-blooming bursting joy

of intensity.

don't tiptoe, don't whisper

scream until your lungs give out, kiss me 'till you burn down, 

let's write poetry with our bodies, 

make love to me

like the sun is melting into the trees

but hotter than that. 

don't hold back,

leave your fears at the door, 

i will kiss you with my whole heart. 

i will show you everything i hide. 


Photo: Flickr