Decide You're Worthy. Claim Your Goddamn Gorgeous Life.

We are not meant to spend our lives tiptoeing around other people’s neurosis and holding the pieces of the world together with anxious, trembling hands. 

We are not meant to apologize for being who we are.

We are not meant to hold back, words setting on the tip of our tongue, never spoken for fear of being hurt or judged.

We are not meant to carry the crushing weight of a broken lover. 

We are not meant to live like that.

Hell no. 

We are meant to be free.

We are meant to live from the deepest vines in our hearts, the most luscious rubies in our souls.

We are meant for beauty, for inspiration, and yes, for failure and difficulty, too.

We are meant for so much. 

And we can have it all, yes all of it, when we finally


We are

So fucking, unquestionably, incredibly



Own your worth. Claim your messy beauty.  Claim your goddamn gorgeous life. 

Stop silencing yourself.

Speak from the harrowing depths of your soul.

Let your heart spark to life like a lightning bug

Stop holding back, stop looking for excuses, stop blocking your own light---

Because we are not meant to live a life tip-toeing around other people’s neurosis.

Dammit, let us break away from shouldering other people’s bullshit and apologizing at every second for who we are. 

And let us live like tigers,

Let us live like rays of sun, 

From the illuminated, harrowing depths of 

Our gorgeous souls. 


Photo via Shutterstock.