No One Can Ever Take Away Our Resilience.

The fresh sting of heartbreak can take away happiness.

The crash of disappointment can wipe a smile off our faces.

Time can take away beauty.

Love can evaporate.

Shock can override bliss.

Friendships can dissolve in knots of betrayal. 

But the one thing that can never be taken from us—



Nothing can take away the thing inside

That tells us to rise, to rise, to rise

To keep going

To get the fuck back up, even though it hurts like hell

To keep facing life even when our hearts are full of despair

To rise from the most terrible tragedies

No one


Can take away our resilience,

Our ability to rise.

The grit inside

That tells us to keep going

Even when it hurts like hell,

Especially then. 


Photo: Flickr