Shadow Woman: Healing. Wild. Free.

"Only say nice, pretty things," they tell me.

"Change your thoughts, change your reality," they say, with numb zombie eyes and hearts dipped in ice. 

F*ck it.

I’m finding my own way.


I scream

I feel my heart beating, raw, aching and bloody, 

I infuse poems with pain and feel the world come alive beneath my feet

I blow swiftly on darkness and become ignited---

A howling she beast.


"Don’t be afraid to sit in the center of your shit,” that’s what I say.

That’s my goddamn mantra.

Roll in the mud of your sorrow

And bloom,

Exotic, wild

Fragrant as a bud, 

A woman on the loose. 

A woman free,

Unafraid of her


Darkness, love, light


Power and beauty. 


I will make friends with my shadows and become wise

By listening to the breaking

And rebuilding

Of my