the sweet madness of a magical woman.


just when you think she's gonna zig



just when you think she's gonna 

break the rules, she'll follow them. 

she's magical, she's maddening

her laugher is warmer than the sun, 

her smile is fiercer than a storm. 

she is not at all what your heart expected

but she's exactly what your thirsty soul needed. 

she's a lone wolf, 

sitting by herself 

at the bar,

unfuckwithable fire sparkling 

in her eyes

           as she dreams up poetry

               and weaves stories

that blow your perfect little world

          to bits. 

truth is her companion, passion is her best friend,

she's magical, she's maddening

she's tears splashing on a blank canvas. 

she's wildfire.

she holds galaxies in her hips, 

and lightning in her gaze. 

leave her alone,

unless you wanna

                          run wild

with her. 

Photo: Jenavieve/Flickr