You Inspire me to be Vulnerable. {Poem}


Underneath the sharp thorns of my suspicious, weary eyes 

Lies a soft pool of heart 

And you and me. 

And only you and me. 

Flowing back and forth 

Into one another, through one another,

Engulfed not by the sands of time but by the ancient rhythm of destiny. 

A giant stream of infinity, we are. 


Can I lie here forever? 

Can I lap up the dazzling emerald stars of your eyes until I die? 

I hope so. 

And as your gaze ebbs and flows around me 

I swim in the subtle courage of knowing you, of you knowing me 

Finally tasting the heights of intimacy 

Like the sweetest nectar on my tongue 

To see you, to let you see me 

No longer a mystery

But safety. 

I come home to the home of your arms 

To the swelling trust that exists between us. 

My voice is small, a faint whisper: 

"I need you. 

Can I lean on you?" 

And I cry. 

I collapse into an ocean of tears, of heart. 

And this 

These few tender words 

My stunning display of vulnerability inspired by how safe you make me 

It is the strongest

And most real

I have ever felt.



Photo: Flickr