I Took the Leap of a Lifetime & Landed in Your Arms.


The most precious loves are those that bring hope. They are like Springtime, hot and tender, blessing our weary winter roots with the excitement of budding blossoms to come. Exploding like fireworks in the form of fingertips caressing and ultimately passionate kisses. Cherish these crazy loves. For they can and they will, change our lives---and bring us back to life. 

I took the leap of a lifetime 

And I landed in your arms.

I was scared, worn down, confused and shaking

You caught me, 

As I caught my Self. 


I stared upwards 

From the foreign warmth of your embrace

My hair mangy, my soul weary

And you smiled back

Your hair mangy, your soul weary.

You understood.


Our eyes locked like magnets, and you just understood. 

Maybe you were the first person

To look at me and just understand

For you knew how harrowing, dark and sweaty my journey had been

For yours had been the same. 

So many tears we had both cried. 

So much pain, too many wars waged inside our hearts. 

We understood. 

Neither one of us had to say a thing. 


Now it’s us,

And the confetti of consciousness 

As we stumble into wholeness

Two wholes to make an even bigger whole

Family, love, hope

Our swelling hearts expand

To cup the cosmos. 

A galaxy born of love, 

A new life in all of its raw, baby-skinned glory. 


I took the leap of a lifetime 

And landed

In your arms. 

You were leaping, too

We were both scared shitless

Screaming at the top of our lungs 

Afraid no one would hear us. 

We heard each other

We caught each other

But mostly, we caught our Selves.


Fire beneath us, volcanic and terrifying 

Sky and ether overhead, so purely blue

We took the risk

The chance

The leap 

Of a lifetime

And landed

In each other’s arms. 


Now it’s us, 

You and me, 

We smile the smiles

We thought our weary hearts never could. 

It means everything. 

We laugh together now, smiles so big we could swallow the stars—

Our grins like lighthouses

Illuminating the way

For the rest of the journey. 

Together now. 

We journey together now. 

No longer alone. 

For we took the leap of a lifetime and landed in each other’s warm arms. 

If that does not teach us to have faith

What will?



Photo: FlickrAngela Mueller