That Pain isn't This Moment—This Moment is For you.

That pain isn’t this moment, love. 

This moment is

Raw and young, brand new. 

But I know. 

I know how those old vines of painful memories swing at your shoulders still. 

They’re heavy and covered in dust. 

They hurt. 

They speak loudly of tragedies and never feeling good enough. 

Hold them gently. 

And feel the pain, the rage, guilt and shame written on every tattered leaf. 

Feel all that happened. 

Let it blossom around you. 

Let tears paint your cheeks in rain. 

Feel the fear. 

The stuttering ripple-effects of it all. 

Feel it

And know that you are safe now. 

Feel it

And stay firmly planted in your body. 

In doing this—

Magic happens.

The moment unfurls like a lily Into something wildly beautiful: 

A new beginning. 

Your beginning, on your terms. 

It smells so lushly of hope, doesn’t it? 

And yes

You can smell the hope, so soft and pink and feathery, even through streaming tears. 

If the pain gets too much,


This moment is powerful. 

This moment is for you. 

It is your fresh start.

Your new beginning. 


And let the sweet, soft

Aromas of hope

Envelop you.



Photo: Flickr, by Holly.