The Beautiful Tenderness of Becoming.

Tears in her eyes, fear in her throat

She sits before herself, alone and afraid.

But the fear wasn't going to stop her

Hell no---

Nothing could. 

She had been waiting for the perfect moment

To unfold into her own arms, a blanket of silken soulfulness 

And blossom like cherry trees in Spring. 

But there was no perfect moment---

There was only the present moment. 

It was time,


Only ever now. 

So she fell to her knees

And reached inside 

And something shifted, and something happened

In the terrifying depths of this tender moment

She looked directly at herself

At every scar, every flaw, every talent, every pain, every ache 

She felt her heart beating

And for the first time

She knew who she really was. 

Her soul swam up to meet her teeth

And she smiled a smile more beautiful

Than a thousand rose petal dreams. 

She knew who she really was---

She was love. 

She had always been love. 

It was time to remember. 

And never forget it

Ever again. 


Photo: Pixabay.