Lightning & Poems Drip through her Fingertips.

Poems bloom on her lips like ancient chrysanthemums

Lightning drips through her fingertips

Like sheets of quivering static electricity. 

Her spirit speaks to her in feathery whispers

So quiet

That she has to freeze time to hear them. 

She goes to her bedroom, 

And shuts the door

And says goodbye to the world

So she can say hello

To her soul. 

She opens secret containers of darkness

And climbs through cracked windows of shattered pasts, 

And touches silky emotional flower petals 

Of fire-breathing intuition. 

Poems swirl around her, a tornado of chaos and beauty

Magic and mystery. 

She is a woman---

A curvaceous vessel of life, 

A sacred succulent fire-breathing  

Marbled, living, breathing masterpiece of spirit. 

She inhales pain

And exhales life.

The world rests in her hands


She honors all beings 

By breathing. 

By releasing her tears

As secret raining blessings. 


Photo: Flickr