She Let her Hair Down.

She unpinned her hairsprayed, bobby-pinned, perfect little tight-ass ballerina bun. 

She gasped in ecstasy

As her hair fell

Strand by precious


Onto her shoulders

With a tickle, an instant array of goosebumps. 

Everything went into hazy slow-motion---

She closed her eyes

And she shook her head, from side to side, 

And she smiled

Oh, f*ck, she smiled! 

She exhaled

And let go of always having to

Have her sh*t together,

Of always having to

Be perfect. 

She caught golden sunlight in her hair

And love in the tender threads of her heart

She let her hair down---

Oh, she let it down 

She let it all f*cking down.

And she could finally


For the first time

In her




Photo: Flickr