Wind, Give me Wings. Heart, Let me Breathe Fire.


I forgot my fire. 

I threw it out and left it on the side of the road to crumple, crumble and die like a piece of unwanted trash. 

I forgot how to roar. 

I started whispering so much I forgot what my real, badass, booming voice sounded like. 

I forgot how to stand up straight. 

I got so used to bending over backwards for everyone else. 

Wind, oh, sweet winter wind---give me wings! 

Heart, oh, sweet, thirsty, wounded heart---let me breathe fire! 

Let me remember what it is to shout

And fly

And exhale with my tongue sticking out

And dance to the beat of the ruby sunset,

And sing to the dripping tangerine sunrise---

And stand tall in my body.


Let me be myself

Let me burn, 

Let me sparkle, 

Let me be me---




Photo: Flickr