F*ck the Rules. Paint Your Own Path.

Listen the little voice inside 

The one you've been muting 

Turn up the volume

And listen hard.

Because that voice has something to tell you: 

F*ck the rules. 

Go your own way. 

You're a gem, a gritty, raw gem

A sapphire 

A juicy ruby 

A bombshell of glittering brilliance. 

You are chock-full of experience and wisdom and creativity. 

You are love; you are beauty. 

F*ck the rules. 

Sketch your own story. 

Write your future from the bricks of the uncertain, aching past. 

Paint your own path with splotches of neon tangerine. 

What do you want? 

Do that. 

Honor yourself. 

Your luscious soul will thank you. 



Photo: Flickr