I Believe in Digging Deep.

I don't like small talk or faux talk or sweet talk that skims the surface of my skin.

I don't like saccharine self-empowerment crap or dumb affirmations I pretend to say but don't.

I don't like quick fixes or easy answers that aren't worth shit at all.

I don't like flimsy excuses or fake smiles or pretty masks I put on to distract.

I like real.



I believe in digging deep.

I believe in looking in the mirror and slogging through my shit, one day at a time, with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

I believe in brokenness and shedding tears at the most inconvenient times.

I believe in truth.

I believe in asking "How are you?" and waiting patiently to hear the honest, uncomfortable answer.

I believe in answering "How are you?" with as much of the raw, pulsating truth as I can possibly muster.

I believe in beauty that's stripped down and simple: a naked face, awkward smile, the little wrinkles near my eyes.

I believe in refusing to be a victim and owning the mistakes that are mine.

I believe in pain, just as much as love.

I believe in digging deep.

Because we are not here to live on the shiny surface, we are here to crack the barrier and dive inside.

Let's break the plastic walls down

Kiss them goodbye

And jump in

The water's waiting.

It's messy, raw, unpredictable and deep.

Just like life.

Just like



Photo: Flickr