The Juiciness of Unraveling.

I'm not shiny or perfect. 

No matter how hard I've tried to be. 

I sit here 

A failure of perfection, a master of self criticism.

Imperfect and messy, with anxious thoughts and unshaved legs. 

The tightness of keeping it all together

Dissolves into thin air around me. 

I unravel

Thread by thread

Moment by delicious moment

Tear by stinging tear

Until I'm naked. 

No masks to cover all the things I don't want anyone to see. 

No cheap facades to mute my voice or dull down my sparkle. 

I'm stripped raw, peeled to my core,

Vulnerable as shit, 

And yet

I've never felt so free. 

Destroying perfection

Creates juicy new life. 

In unraveling, 

I can finally breathe. 

Photo: Flickr