The Birth of a Mermaid.


Overwhelmed by swirling oceans of raw emotion

Swimming in turquoise seas of a thousand feelings

It's scary.

These choppy currents pull and push 

And claw at us angrily. 


In a single moment of boldness

We fall to our knees

And surrender to the dancing tides 

And dive into foamy waves of splish-splashing intensity. 


The birth of a mermaid happens now, in the most painful of moments. 


We see that we don't drown in life's terrifying depths. 


For we've learned to breathe underwater

And navigate 

Beauty and terror and fear and love and loss.


We sit at the bottom of the ocean

And swish our scaly tails

And let the slimy seaweed of anger, pain, joy and jealousy 

Envelop us entirely. 

It all comes

It all goes.


We sway with the salty waves 

Touch glowing coral reefs 

And come up for air, occasionally.

With brave scales on our hearts

And beautiful shells in our hair

We are no longer afraid

To live





The birth of a mermaid happens now, in the most painful of moments. 


Photo: Flickr