I Am Not Here to be Liked.

All along, I’ve been afraid of my voice. I’ve muted her.

I’ve spent endless empty hours, minutes and days thinking about the “right” things to say.

I've lost sleep, trying to think of ways to get people to like me.

It’s addicting, just as sadly satisfying as it is tortuous. 

But, today, on this seemingly normal, day, I drop to my knees. 

And I stop with this bullsh*t. 

And yes, I’m still shaking like mad. 

I'm raw and unsure as I type these words. 

But, I know I can no longer operate in this way. 

My sole purpose and daily goal cannot be to please others and get walked on. 

I am not here to be liked. 

I am here to be honest. 

I am here to explore. 

I am here to seek meaning.

I am here to roar. 

I am here, for many reasons I don’t even know about yet. 

But, today, on this precious day, I give myself permission

To speak

Really loud. 

And let the vibrations of my voice

Soar like the fiercest Falcons

And pick up speed in gusts of wind

And cry out, relentlessly 

To every cloud that ever existed 

In the electric beauty of the stormy 

Night sky. 


Photo: Flickr / EmsiProduction