No Fake Smiles. I Need to Cry Today.

I wanna slap on a really convincing fake smile right now, but I can't.

Not today.

I need to feel my soul's pulsating rawness, for it seems she is being ripped open by life, daily.

I'm pulled to swim in a sea of salty tears and dance with dark blue shadows and kiss sadness on the lips.

I need to cry.

Just as nature requires rain, we do, too.

Tears are raindrops that can heal; they are bittersweet medicine for the soul.

Let it pour, baby!

Sometimes, we gotta dip into juicy feelings that aren't so pretty.

They're f*cking beautiful.

Sadness, despair, loneliness, longing, anguish, and desperation...

Let's say hello to our long-lost friends.

We've spent years running from these uncomfortable feelings, but running doesn't work.

They will follow us everywhere.

Let's greet them with generosity and gentle hands.

Let's listen.

Let's get really, really, really brave.

And sit in the depths of our sadness and grief and agony.

It's okay to cry.

Let the tears splash down your cheeks and flow into choppy currents of raw, honest emotion.

Let heavy, guttural sobs escape the tight cage of your mouth.

Let it all go.

The tears will rinse you clean from past pain.

They will water thirsty seedlings of new growth in your beautiful, tender heart.

They will soothe even the most stubborn, stinging wounds in your soul.

It's okay to cry.

Gather your tears in a white porcelain bucket.

Pour those salty jewels all over your body.

Bathe yourself in this painfully sacred rainfall.

And become purified.

Become whole again.

Photo: Flickr