Sit in the Fires of Your Struggle.

Setbacks aren’t setbacks, they’re spring-forwards. Things fall apart because they sucked to begin with. We aren’t broken; we’re shedding old, constricting skin.

We have to let ourselves unravel like spools of thread, splatter onto the dirty sidewalk, and crack wide open.

Sweat, bleed, cry, and scream; let your wounds drip and ooze like thick raindrops.

Once we’re nice and raw,  we can gently remove the scarves of worthlessness and self-hatred covering our delicious souls.


What's inside?

Look deeper.

What's underneath our aching skin?

Pain; yes, there’s pain. There is always pain. We need to get comfortable with discomfort and let each salty wave of intense difficulty wash over us.

Breathe and let it come.

The pain won’t knock us over. It won't crush us.


It will sand us down and shape us into ourselves.

It will polish us to shiny imperfection.

It will heal us.

Let it come.

Sit in the fires of your struggle.

Sit in the fires of your grief and desperation and loneliness and disappointment and heartbreak.

Let it burn you.

It's not so scary; it will only burn away what you don't need anymore.

Howl to the moon, shout to the breeze, unclench your fists, and let go.

Within the ashes of pain, there is beauty: your shining and unquestionable beauty.

There is treasure.

There is a rose that sings of inspiration, hope and joy. 

There is love.

Don’t ever think that a bad day or a tough week or terrible news or a shitty year means your life is f*cked or that you’re f*cked.

Crappy moments and crushing discomfort are the most brilliant teachers.

Taste their wisdom and bow to their lessons.

Struggle comes and goes, just as happiness comes and goes.

Dance with what presents itself to you, it's your medicine.




Photo: Flickr